1009, 2021

Oki, Please be advised that all Community Corrections program workers are now on rotation.  Staff will rotate to ensure that there is always a Probation Officer, a Courtworker and a Reintegration Worker in the office every day.  Staff will continue to work regular hours when they are not in the office and can be reached through email or cellphone.  With the rising numbers of Covid-19 in the Province and our Blood Reserve community, I feel that this is necessary to ensure the safety of staff and their families. Probation: Clients will continue to report by telephone to their

1009, 2021


THIS OFFICE IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC FOR APPOINTMENTS ~ INTAKES ~ INQUIRIES PLEASE CALL 403-737-2555 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION FOR INFORMATION REGARDING COURTS: TONYA TAIL FEATHERS                                   403-360-9915     tonyatf@ktcsbloodtribe.com TATUM BASTIEN                                               403-360-9783     tatumb@ktcsbloodtribe.com FOR INFORMATION REGARDING PROBATION: JOYCE EAGLE BEAR, Supervisor                  403-393-6084     joyceeb@ktcsbloodtribe.com SAMANTHA MANY GREY HORSES              403-393-0928     sammgh@ktcsbloodtribe.com WARREN DAY CHIEF                                        403-360-8701     warrendc@ktcsbloodtribe.com FOR INFORMATION REGARDING REINTEGRATION PROGRAMS: TYLER OKA – FEDERAL                                    403-393-5715     tylero@ktcsbloodtribe.com CLEVE TAIL FEATHERS - PROVINCIAL        403-360-4203     clevetf@ktcsbloodtribe.com TODD ACROSS THE MOUNTAIN                 403-360-3335     todd@ktcsbloodtribe.com

2409, 2020

Alberta Court COVID Updates

Oki, The following links are Alberta Justice new COVID updates on court procedures and resources: Final stages of court resumption COVID-19 Criminal Adult Court SOUTHERN REGION COURT RESUMPTION PROTOCOL – PART 3

506, 2020

Recent Updates on Court Procedures

All Alberta courthouses: Plexiglas barriers were installed at public facing counters in all open courthouses and resolution service centres that did not already have barriers in place. As of March 30, 2020, public access to all courthouses in the province of Alberta will be restricted until further notice. Members of the general public will only be permitted to enter a courthouse in certain circumstances   Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench The court is now hearing summary dispositions via Webex for civil cases in which all parties agree to proceed in this manner. The court has prepared a Q&A for further


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