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Please be advised that all Community Corrections program workers are now on rotation.  Staff will rotate to ensure that there is always a Probation Officer, a Courtworker and a Reintegration Worker in the office every day.  Staff will continue to work regular hours when they are not in the office and can be reached through email or cellphone.  With the rising numbers of Covid-19 in the Province and our Blood Reserve community, I feel that this is necessary to ensure the safety of staff and their families.

  • Probation: Clients will continue to report by telephone to their assigned Probation Officer.  Those needing assessments and Presentence reports will be seen in person.  The adult fine option program remains on hold.
  • Courtwork: Courts are operating, however, there are still no in person appearances.  If you require assistance or have any questions regarding an upcoming appearance, please contact one of the courtworkers.
  • Reintegration Programs: Reintegraton workers continue to liase with federal and provincial centers, however, are unable to attend centers in person.  Contact the workers directly if you have questions or referrals.  The addictions counselor will continue to provide counseling by telephone on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Our office will continue to remain open to accommodate those who need in person services.  We do require visitors to sign in, provide contact information and temperature checks.  Masks are available if needed.

Thank you and stay safe!

Joyce Eagle Bear


Kainai Community Corrections


We strive to enhance the quality of life of our community by providing recovery, justice, and training supports and services based on the foundational principles of Kainaissinni